Breakthrough Energy Fellows Portfolio Job Board

Brine Specialist and Cell Specialist


Electroflow Technologies

Burlingame, CA, USA
Posted on Monday, February 12, 2024

Electroflow’s mission of sustainable, domestic lithium is the confluence of technological development, chemical production, and brine screening. As a BRINE SPECIALIST, you’ll work with our founding brine team to interrogate diverse brine chemistries. In this role, you’ll leverage a plethora of analytical techniques to dissect the compositions of brine samples sourced from a variety of resources across North America. Throughout the internship period, you’ll lead initiatives to organize our brine library and explore how brine compositions impact our core technologies. As a CELL SPECIALIST, you’ll be optimizing our core electrochemical tech for sustainable lithium extraction. Responsibilities will require knowledge of electrochemistry and electrode design. Both roles will be central to our mission of producing cathode-ready lithium from naturally abundant resources.



  • Carefully analyze brines using methods such as ion chromatography.
  • Prepare and preserve a library of analytical standards
  • Prepare synthetic analogues to field brine samples


  • Design and prepare different electrochemical cell architectures
  • Fabricate porous electrodes
  • Use an array of 3D printing techniques to build cell components


  • Closely collaborate with founding team to guide core tech and process development
  • Perform statistical analyses and qualify trends in data
  • Document and organize findings, data, and progress



  • Prioritize safety and seek continual improvement
  • Hands-on laboratory experience
  • Mission oriented and high agency
  • Comfortable using data processing software
  • Creative in tackling new tasks
  • Strong team player